Fat Duck–Inspired Ultimate Pork Belly, Sous Vide Recipe based on ChefSteps post

A few years ago a descoverd this recipe. Love the results so much that have never tried another. Meat is always perfect, I just change the ingridients I’m serving it with from kimchi and broccoli to mango sauce or muchrooms.


Below is original ChefsSteps recipe:
Our cured and sous vide–cooked pork belly is a fairly simple preparation that capitalizes on the many virtues of both brining and sous vide cooking to yield a firm-but-tender, rich, salty slab of pork belly that pairs beautifully with anything from a simple salad to funky kimchi. The key is to serve it alongside something with plenty of acid—pomegranate seeds, perhaps, or pickled apple slices—to balance the richness of the belly.
Cooking time: about 5 days
Yield: 2200 g plus salty, gelatinous cooking liquid to use later
Step 1. Prepare brine
4 kg Water
400 g Salt
200 g Brown sugar *
4 g  Insta Cure No. 1
Combine all ingredients and mix to dissolve. Chill brine completely before using.
HINT: If you need to make brine in a hurry, mix your brine with only 70 percent of the water and add the rest of the water weight with ice. Boom! Instant cold brine.

Step 2. Brine pork belly
2.5 kg Pork belly
We cut the belly into more manageable pieces before brining. This does two things: it helps keep the belly small enough to fit anywhere, and it opens up more surface area through which brine can permeate the interior. Place the belly in the brine. Cover with a lid and place in fridge.
Stir the belly pieces daily. As the belly brines, it will pull salt from the surrounding water. By stirring, you are helping to ensure that the brine stays the same salinity throughout without forming “hot spots.”
Brine for 96 hours.
CHEF’S TIP: Some particularly fatty pork bellies will float in the brine. Keep them submerged by placing a plate or some other type of weight on them.

Step 3. Smoke (optional)
If you want to smoke your pork belly, we recommend doing it before the sous vide step.

Step 4. Cook sous vide
Heat water to 158 °F / 70 °C.
Package the pork belly and submerge in the water. Cook for 16 hours.
NOTE: If you smoked your pork belly before cooking it sous vide, the water will turn brown during cooking. That’s because microscopic smoke compounds are able to permeate the plastic bag and leach into the water. The bag itself won’t fail, so don’t panic.

Step 5. Chill belly; portion
Remove belly from bath and submerge in an ice bath until completely chilled. Once chilled, slice into portions as desired.

Step 6. Sear; serve
Right before serving, flash-sear the pork belly in an extremely hot pan.

My notes:

*don’t use

Seared pork belly with mango sauce



With kimchi



With broccoli and microgreens


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